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Library Design, Animated Promotional Video, Web Design & Development in Webflow
Direction, Design & Animation by Alicja Suska
Music: Good Vibes by Sonic Music
Year: 2021

Highlights is an open-source hand-drawn illustration library created by Outdraw Design to help everyone tell their story.

The library contains over 100 vector shapes ready to use by all creatives in their work: websites, apps, videos, illustrations, and many more.

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Promotional Video

This video is currently used to promote Highlights library on social media. Our objective for this animation was to introduce the library to the world. The message is adjusted to designers, but we've also included elements that encourage potential customers to explore the library and collaborate on the customized website, illustrations, or other design services.


All the scenes were created to allow for usage as standalone assets for social media campaigns. Each shows a different aspect of the library, like shapes, use, and customizations.


Video is divided into several distinct parts that walk the viewer through the whole story - starting from introducing the name and shapes, showcasing how to use the library, up until the information about custom designs for potential clients.

Storyboard for the Highlights Promotional Video
Storyboard for the Highlights Promotional Video


Abstract Highlights website outline

We’ve created a website that showcases the library, its capabilities, examples, and all the materials needed to understand and use Highlights. We’ve also developed it using Webflow.

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