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Design Debt 101

Editorial Illustration, Web Design & Development in Webflow
Design & Development by Alicja Suska
Year: 2020-2022

Design Debt 101 is a knowledge base about Design Debt full of resources that Teams reduce friction in design processes, increase productivity and speed up innovation.

The main goal is to popularise the knowledge about Design Debt, research the problem further, offer solutions to the Teams and build the community around this topic for the benefit of the whole tech industry.

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Editorial Illustration

Artwork created to accompany articles from the 'Design Debt 101' series. The goal was to draw the reader's attention to key concepts and essential moments in the writing pieces. Another objective was to highlight how broad the topic of Design Debt is by using visual analogies to the universe. Illustrations are also the base for the Design Debt 101 platform branding.

The what and why of Design Debt: white text on black background with starsTypes of Design Debt: visual, UX and operationalThere is enough Design Debt for everyoneMeasuring Design DebtQualitative measurementQuantitative measurement


Design Debt 101 abstract website mockup

We’ve created a website that provides all the resources about Design Debt 101 and presents the Virtual Workshop offering. We’ve developed it using Webflow.

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